Fees and Finan​cial Assistance

How much does the assessment cost?

Assessment fees vary by region. Visit your province's Fees & Policies page for details:

If you are applying to NCAS in British Columbia, visit nursingjobs.bc.ca to see if you can have your fees waived or reimbursed.

Is financial assistance available for IENs?

Yes, there is. The Government of British Columbia has announced bursaries for IENs to help with application costs. You may be able to have all of your NCAS and BCCNM fees waived and other costs you've incurred along your registration journey re​imbursed.

To find out more, visit the Health Match BC website.

HCA competency assessment candidates referred by the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry may be eligible for financial assistance through Choose2Care. Financial assistance for the HCA competency assessment, travel to the assessment site, and remedial education requirements are available. Find further information here:​ Choose2Care Bursary and Stipends.