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2018 SLA/OA Dates

SLA/OA dates for 2018 have been finalized. Click here​​​​​​​ to view the 2018 SLA/OA schedule.​

What happens after NCAS? 

Once you complete all three assessments, we will send you and the regulatory organization or registry you choose a report on the results. The results will be available within 60 days. Those results highlight competency strengths and gaps.  The regulators and registry use these results, along with other information they have obtained from you, to help them make their registration decisions. It is important to note that NCAS does not make registration decisions.

To seek a referral to NCAS, contact the appropriate regulator or registry:​

Job alert: Open Call for Subject Matter Experts and Consultants

Feb. 08, 2018

NCAS needs your support with the recruitment of nursing professionals to serve as subject matter experts or as consultants in various capacities. We would like to announce an open call for, and broad-based pool of, nurses and health care assistants who are interested in supporting their profession.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to support current and future healthcare professionals, please apply!

View the posting:Open Call for Subject Matter Experts and Consultants.​​

There are lots of ways to circulate this posting:
  • Please post it on your institutional websites
  • Please use your LinkedIn networks
  • Please send it to any academic/governmental/regulatory/employer/association networks you consider appropriate
  • Please send it directly to friends and colleagues
 Click here to submit an onl​ine application.​