​​​​​​​​​​​Fees & Policies — Maritime Canada 

The total fee for the NCAS assessment is payable in one installment. Should you wish to extend, reschedule, or cancel your assessment within the allowable timeframe, additional administrative fees will apply. 

Assessment Fees

RoleCBA Fee (CAD)SLA Fee (CAD)Total Fee (CAD)
RN$500$1 ,000$1,500
Dual Role Assessment for RN & LPN$500 RN
$500 LPN
$1,0 00$2,000

All fees will have HST (15%) applied upon invoicing.​


Additional Administrative Fees​

CBA Rescheduling Fee (more than 48 hours before your scheduled assessment date)USD $35, payable to Prometric
CBA Rescheduling Fee (less than 48 hou​rs before your scheduled assessment date). CAD $50, payable to NCAS
CBA No-Show Fee. Should you fail to appear at your scheduled time and date, you must pay this fee when attempting to reschedule. CAD $150, payable to NCAS
SLA Rescheduling Fee (greater than 30 days notice)CAD $250
SLA Rescheduling Fee (less than 30 days notice)Full cost of applicable SLA
SLA No-Show Fee. Should you fail to appear at your scheduled time and date, you must pay this fee when attempting to reschedule. Please note that lateness beyond 5 minutes is considered a no-show.CAD $850
CBA or SLA Refund Processing Fee (only applicable 30 or more days from your scheduled assessment date)CAD $50
SLA Reconsideration FeeCAD $350

NCAS Policies

Computer-Based Assessment 


Up to 48 hours in advance of your scheduled CBA, you can reschedule by visiting www.prometric.com. Prometric will charge an administrative fee (USD $35).

If you wish to reschedule 48 hours or less in advance of your scheduled CBA, you must contact NCAS directly. A CAD $50 administrative fee will be applied, payable directly to NCAS.


If you do not show up for your scheduled CBA at a Prometric Test Centre, you will forfeit your entire assessment fee. Should you choose to reschedule, you will need to contact us directly. The cost to reschedule a missed CBA is CAD $225.

Simulatio​​n Lab Assessment and Oral Assessment


NCAS allows rescheduling of your SLA up to 30 days prior to your assessment, one-time only. The SLA has limited daily capacity, and once scheduled, a spot has been reserved for you.  If you need to reschedule your SLA, please contact us immediately. Note that you may need to wait 2-4 months for the next available SLA spot.

If you need to reschedule your SLA a second time, a CAD $250 fee will apply. 

We cannot reschedule an SLA assessment with 30 or fewer days notice without a full forfeiture of the entire SLA assessment fee plus payment of CAD $1,500 upon rescheduling.

Illness-related rescheduling requests need to be accompanied by a doctor's note or COVID-test result.

No-Show / Lateness 

If you do not show up for your scheduled SLA session, you will forfeit your entire assessment fee. Should you choose to reschedule, you will need to pay full price again for the SLA.

It is very important to note that we have zero-tolerance for lateness and cannot accommodate Assessment Takers that arrive past their scheduled SLA time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will be denied entry to the Assessment Centre and will have forfeited your assessment fees. Please plan accordingly and arrive with enough time!

Withdrawal and Refunds

If you need to withdraw from the NCAS assessment, prior to either the CBA or SLA, contact us immediately. We can only refund assessment fees if the request is received (and acknowledged) 30 days or more in advance of your scheduled appointment. All refunds are subject to a CAD $50 administrative fee, applied to the CBA and SLA respectively.  

We cannot offer refunds for withdrawals that occur 30 or fewer days prior to your scheduled assessment.  

NCAS Cancellations

Like all of us, Prometric and NCAS are monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19 and following regional health ordinances closely.

Should either Prometric or NCAS be required to close or reduce capacity at our Assessment Centre at any time, all Assessment Takers will be notified as soon as possible. CBA assessments will be rescheduled by Prometric within a few days, according to test centre availability. SLA assessments will require placement on a prioritized waitlist for when we are able to resume SLA assessments.

Please note that NCAS will not be responsible for any Assessment Taker travel expenses in the event of an Prometric Testing Centre or NCAS Assessment Centre closure.

​Assessment Timeline & Extensions

All NCAS assessments must be completed within one year from the date that NCAS processes their referral, to the date that the final assessment component is completed. It is important to note that the CBA and SLA must be completed within six months of each other. If six months is exceeded, the CBA will need to be retaken at full cost. This is because the NCAS assessment evaluates competencies and knowledge at a specific point in time: the more time that elapses, the less valid the results. There are no extensions to this six-month period between the assessment components.

However, if you would like an extension to your initial referral – and you have not yet completed either your CBA or SLA - please contact NCAS directly to request an extension; we may approve an extension of up to six months. ​


NCAS checks assessment scores carefully before we release your Performance Report. If you think your Performance Report does not reflect how you performed during the assessment, you can request a reconsideration of your SLA results. Please note that we do not allow reconsideration of the CBA results. If you encountered an incident while taking the CBA that requires review, you must contact us within three business days of your CBA to resolve.

Once you request a reconsideration of your SLA, assessors who did not score your original assessment view the recorded videos of your SLA scenarios to confirm that we scored all the skills you demonstrated. We then issue you a new Performance Report that combines your original CBA scores and your final SLA scores. You can request only one reconsideration; all reconsideration results are final.

A CAD $350 fee will apply. This fee covers the administrative costs and assessor time involved in your reconsideration.  

To request a reconsideration, please complete this f​orm and submit it to info.maritimes@ncasbc.ca within 15 days of receiving your Performance Report. We cannot conduct reconsiderations after this 15-day period has passed. Typically, it takes NCAS 21 days to complete a reconsideration from the requested date.


NCAS does NOT allow applicants to re-take the SLA or the CBA, except in exceptional circumstances where a candidate has been re-referred by the regulator or registry. If exceptional circumstances apply, please contact the regulator or registry that referred you.​​

​​Testing Accommodations

A testing accommodation refers to a modification that is made to the assessment to support applicants with medical, physical, psychological, or learning conditions, or to observe a spiritual or religious observance.

Please contact us​ to apply for a testing accommodation; you will need to apply (and be approved) separately for the CBA and for the SLA. All accommodations must be pre-approved prior to your assessment date. ​