​​​​​​​​​​Submit Your Identification Documents

​​*Please only submit the documents required to begin your application. Uploading additional documents will delay processing your application. ​​

After you create your online services account and upload your NCAS application, you can upload your notarized identification (ID) documents to your online services account.

You will need to submit two different pieces of your identification. Your ID documents ​need to be notarized, government-issued, and valid (the date is not expired).

To have your ID documents notarized, you must visit a notary public or lawyer. Notarization enables NCAS to verify your ID and prevents misidentification.  NCAS does not accept virtually notarized documents.

  • ​​Sample of a lawyer notarization can be found here​​​​
  • Sample of a notary public notarization can be found here​​
  1.  Your primary ID must include your name, photo, date of birth, and signature.​
  2.  Your secondary ID can be any ID from the list below

    Examples of valid ID include any of the following government-issued documents:​

    • ​​​Driver's licence or learner's licence (must have a photo). Front of the card only
    • British Columbia identification card
    • Government Issued identification card
    • Nationality card or National identification card
    • BC Services card (must have a photo). Front of the card only-i.e.Secure Certificate of Indian Status
    • Canadian birth certificate
    • Passport/NEXUS/Global Entry card​
    • Canadian Citizenship card/certificate
    • Permanent Resident card
    • Canadian Record of Landing/Canadian Immigration Identification Record
    • Foreign government-issued birth certificate (a baptismal certificate is not acceptable)
    • Marriage certificate
    • Change of name certificate
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Canadian firearms licence (PAL)

Personal Health Number, Social Insurance number, Social Security cards, credit cards and bank cards are NOT acceptable IDs.

      • ​​​You must have copies of your primary and secondary ID notarized in person by either a lawyer or a notary public

What if the name on my application form does not match my ID documents?  Suppose the name on your identification does not match the name on the application, or the name on your primary ID is different from that on your s​econdary ID. In that case, you need to upload additional documents to provide proof of your name change (this could be a marriage certificate, change of name affidavit, or divorce decree). These supporting documents also must be notarized before they are uploaded to your account. 

For ID documents issued in languages other than English, a certified translation must be completed before you submit them to NCAS. Please complete the following steps:
  1. Get your document(s) notarized as certified true copies
  2. Get a certified translation of your document(s).
    The translated document(s) must include the translator’s official stamp and/or identification number, address and telephone number, along with the date of the translation.
  3. Submit the translated document(s) AND a copy of the notarized document in the original language to NCAS.

​To upload your notarized identification documents, go to your online services account, select upload, select “other" and follow the instructions. You must do this each time you upload a notarized identification document.