​​​​​​What to e​xpect — Results 

How are NCAS assessments scored or marked?

NCAS does not use a pass/fail system. Instead, the NCAS Performance Report indicates a candidate's competency strengths and gaps. NCAS measures behaviours and competencies against those of a Canadian-educated health practitioner who is expected to demonstrate upon entry to practice in relevant provinces.

NCAS prepares a single CBA and SLA Performance Report that blends the results of all of the components for professional assessments.

How do I get my results?​NCAS delivers results by email once all assessments are completed and compiled. Your results are available within 60 days of taking the CBA and SLA. 
Why can't I see my CBA or SLA report after finishing each assessment?NCAS does not send a separate report after each assessment. The NCAS assessment measures a combination of unique competencies; only by looking at the results of all assessment components can NCAS provide regulators with a true picture of an applicant's skills and competencies.
How do I interpret my NCAS Performance Report?

Read Interpreting your NCAS Performance Report for information on how to understand your report.  

Following are sample NCAS Performance Report templates for each profession:

What happens after my assessments?The regulator or Registry receives reports after applicants have been notified of the results. The regulator or Registry directly contacts applicants as soon as they make a registration decision. 

NCAS does not make registration decisions.
Can I request a reconsideration of my CBA or SLA results? 

NCAS checks assessment scores carefully before we release your Performance Report. If your Performance Report does not reflect how you performed during the assessment, you can request a reconsideration of your SLA results. NCAS does not allow reconsideration of the CBA results. If you encountered an incident while taking the CBA that requires review, you must contact us within three business days of your CBA to resolve.

Once you request a reconsideration of your SLA, assessors who did not score your original assessment view the recorded videos of your SLA scenarios to confirm that we scored all the skills you demonstrated. We then issue you a new Performance Report that combines your original CBA scores and your final SLA scores. You can request only one reconsideration; all reconsideration results are final.

A CDN $350 fee will apply. This fee covers the administrative costs and assessor time involved in your reconsideration.  

To request a reconsideration, complete this form and email it to info@ncas​bc.ca (British Columbian candidates) or info.maritimes@ncasbc.ca (Maritime Canada candidates) within 15 days of receiving your Performance Report. We cannot conduct reconsiderations after these 15 days have passed. Typically, it takes NCAS 21 days to complete a reconsideration from the requested date.

How long is my performance report valid?Regulatory or Registry agencies determine the validity period of NCAS performance reports. ​