​​​​​​​​What to expect — Simulation​ Lab Assessment — RPN

The Registered Psychiatric Nursing Simulation Lab Assessment invites candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge online in simulated clinical settings. In these online rooms, you will meet simulated patients (actors). You will:

  • Be assessed in three different nursing scenarios.
  • Be responding in ‘real time’: the scenarios will unfold during the session. ​​​
  • Have ​45 minutes to complete work at each station.

- The final 10 minutes in each scenario includes an Oral Assessment, verbally ​asking three to four questions related to the patient's case.

- All three scenarios will involve virtual encounters with a standardized patient (trained actor) and a nurse assessor.

- Each station will include four people: the candidate, the standardized patient, assessor, and an Assessment Proctor.

- It will take four hours to complete the RPN SLA.

Do I need to complete the RPN SLA?​

This assessment is only offered to RPN candidates seeking licence​ in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. 

​What to expect​


The RPN SLA is conducted virtually by a video conferencing platform, so a quiet space with stable internet is required. More details are provided with confirmation of the scheduled SLA.


Candidates virtually visit three stations, meet patients and take on the nurse role. Each station is designed to reflect a variety of practice settings and to allow for a specific assessment or treatment to be performed so the candidate can demonstrate nursing practice. 

At the start of each station, you will receive a chart with a brief written statement introducing the presenting clinical problem and stating the task you must perform. The chart also includes various supporting documents to assist in the planning of care. You will be given five minutes to review the chart before the start of the simulation scenario. Act in each scenario as you would in a real-life practice setting would be best.  ​